the artist


I'm ROBYN - a self-taught artist

who strives to bring a heightened level of emotion and energy to each of my abstract expressions. My artistry makes way for suppressed emotions to thrive. Much of my work comes alive through vibrant color selections and added textural elements. As a former chemist, my love of experimentation continues on the canvas where I freely create in my San Francisco studio. I'm inspired by mood music, the human experience and beautiful colors. 

the brand


thee wRECk room believes in:

- passion

- quality 

- satisfaction


whether you're interested in an existing original from the gallery or have ideas for a commissioned piece, know that the above values drive how I work with you to find the artwork you love.

the art


I hope you see my art and FEEL something. 

The simplest way to describe my style is "mood" art, but technically you can classify my work as abstract expressionism. The crafting process for me is truly a release and my ultimate goal is to make beautiful art that all can stare at, reimagining the story behind the work each time. None of my artwork is mass produced but instead meticulously built up over time, on average taking several weeks or months to complete. I love the process of creating at my own pace, so please be patient for new works.